Posted by: kathandroger | April 19, 2014

Le Potager

With all the good weather we’ve been having it is very tempting to crack on with the garden and plant our crops. But as our French friends keep reminding us, the Saints de Glace, or the Ice Saints, may still have their way and we could have a frost as late as the 13th/14th May. So we’ve held off until today when we thought it was about time to rip out the remaining parsnips that had gone woody and a few other things and prepare the ground…










We do have a few things already growing; the garlic looks good and strong and the broad beans have pods about 5 cm long…








…they were planted at the start of November though and given the mild winter are way ahead of the usual schedule. Still reluctant to get too much in, we have nonetheless planted out onions and beans today, our peas are coming along nicely and the early tates have popped up.

Meanwhile, in the main garden, the wisteria goes from strength to strength and the ‘bleeding hearts’ in Eileen’s garden are a picture…











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