Posted by: kathandroger | April 13, 2014

A new season begins…

We’ve spent the past week polishing, trimming, planting and generally getting everything in tip-top condition for the start of our second full season of gite letting…











… no, he isn’t mending the fishing nets, but rather repairing the hammocks ready to be installed in their respective trees! The weather has been extremely kind over recent weeks and so the garden is way ahead of usual. We even have a number of roses in bloom…










This was a new rose we put on the front of Le Verger gite last year – it certainly loves its south-facing position! The swimming pool, too, is benefitting from the sun. We’ve opened it earlier than we normally would and set the heat pump going on Thursday. By this afternoon it had reached 26 degrees and the first guests of the season had had a dip!










The first guests arrived yesterday from Maryland and Virginia and have a week of chateau visits ahead of them. They certainly chose the right week…warm sunny weather is predicted until at least Thursday. Someone was telling me today there is a saying ‘le vent qui souffle pour les Rameaux, souffle toute l’annee’, in other words the wind that is blowing on Palm Sunday will blow all year. It was a North Easterly today, which means we are likely to get sunny, dry (if a little chilly) weather all year…hence before you no it there will be talk of droughts!! Or maybe not….











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