Posted by: kathandroger | April 7, 2014

String, long grass and the Rolling Stones.

IMG_2516People talk about the wheel (or sliced bread) being the greatest invention of mankind. I think it is string. You can’t stop rats running up your trouser leg at harvest time with a wheel, and shooting a bow and arrow is difficult without a bit of string as well. Riding a horse without controls must be tricky, and think of all those unattached boats floating willy nilly about the harbour. I used lots of bits of string recently to pull up the rafters of the new breakfast deck. Working all alone is a bit tricky, but with the aid of prodding with sticks and pulling with string, the heavy oak beams now sit nicely on top of the sawn off telegraph poles. The wife, who has shown scant interest in the project, did manage to observe that the deck is looking more and more like a stage for the next Rolling  Stones concert. Maybe the lads will fancy a little trip to the Vienne  after their next Paris gig.

And I am worried about all this long grass we have now. Usually early April is a lovely time for the early Spring flowers, but I am not sure any of them will be visible under all that greenery. What is going on this year?


  1. An impromptu Stones concert isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Mick lives just outside Amboise, and I have met someone who has had him over to his place for a jam session in the area.

  2. Looking at the line of the “peak” on the stage….
    continue that down, add a silver bache…
    and you’ll have something resembling the ORIGINAL pyramid stage at Glastonbury…

    That will mean that you will get a much wider range of music than the Stones…
    Hawkwind may well turn up…
    but without Lemmy nowadays…
    but he could bring Motorhead along!

    Unfortunately, the earth tremors from that lot would cause further damage to the Ethnic City!

    And as for the grass….
    don’t get me started…

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