Posted by: kathandroger | April 2, 2014

Spring colours

We really have been spoilt with the weather since we came back from holiday. Today has been glorious – hard to believe we have just started April. This time last year it was freezing and we are very cautious about assuming that we’re off and running towards summer. However, it is hard not to get a bit carried away when everything around us is bursting into colour. The bulbs are almost over – only those in the shade are still flourishing…








Next are the wisterias. Not only are the flowers stunning, but we have a wonderful scent when we walk out of our back door…










Then, right by the wisteria is probably my favourite tree of all the ones we have..










It is a malus and at this time of year it is completely covered in beautiful red flowers – stunning.

An then, of course, there is the blossom. This week virtually everything looks like it has been painted white…









There have been exciting development on the bird front too. The cuckoo turned up at the weekend and then yesterday I thought the ol’ fella was going to wet himself he was so excitied! He’d seen his first swallow of the season in Descartes; then this morning ‘our’ swallows arrived after their long trip north. Their numerous nests are still in tact from last year, so I expect that in no time at all they’ll be settling back in ready to produce this seasons chicks. Amazing thing, nature!


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