Posted by: kathandroger | March 30, 2014

Bits and pieces.

The cuckoo is here, the first orchids are out, and I found a white lungwort today. The blossom all around is delightful, and a walk in our lovely countryside is an inspiration.

We haven’t really started on the vegetable garden yet, but have some lovely looking peas coming through. Most years the mice eat them, but either the paraffin I soaked them in has worked, or Dennis the cat,  has been doing some useful killing for a change. We have eaten some lovely leeks and parsnips today, the latter still not going woody, and the potager continues to supply all our daily needs. The brussel sprouts have been excellent, and this year have provided three crops from one plant; the sprouts, the shoots, eaten like brocolli, and the heads which this year have been like mini cabbages. I reckon lots of the success is due to our compost heap. I have read all about turning the pile, leaving it for ages, watering and such, but for me it works well by just chucking it all into the heap, covering it with sawdust from the woodstore and leaving it till next winter. I have two heaps, the first nearly all dug out now. I am convinced that peeing on the pile also helps, but the problem nowadays is that as the pile gets higher, the pressure of the stream needed to reach the top in sadly lacking. I have tried to convince the wife to have the occasional squat on top but sadly she always declines. I remember vividly at primary school all the boys having contests to see who could reach the highest spot on the wall. Sadly, avoiding one’s boots is the aim now!









  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I can just imagine what would happen if I decided to pee on my compost. I’d be perched on top and just at that moment the aged neighbour would appear. He approves of my compost, but I’m not sure I would live down presenting my bare bottom to him.

    • Susan, life is full of surprises. There is only one way to assess your neighbour’s response. I await reports!

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