Posted by: kathandroger | March 21, 2014

Two Emperors and the latest project.

IMG_2503I love the wildlife in France, although we are still waiting to see our first swallow of the year. The redstarts  are back, and it won’t be long until we hear the cuckoo. But there are often surprises, like this lovely pair of Emperor moths which I found just outside the front door yesterday. Apparently they usually fly in April and May, so these two have been early risers.IMG_2507

With the good weather, another project became essential. I am convinced that we boys get mentally younger with the passage of the years, and with me it is always back to sticks and stones and making things. The rather sparse garden in  the smaller of our gites receives lovely early morning sun, but the terrace is in the shade until later in the day. What it needed was an outdoor breakfast room! It just happened that I had half inched three telegraph poles last autumn from across the road. The ideal building base. But what a bugger to get one up all alone! With the aid of bits of string, wedges from various spades and forks, lots of inevitable cussing, and cement around the base, the skeleton has been completed. I hadn’t realised how much the ground slopes away from the top, so the floor will need some steps for access. I’m not sure that Health and Safety would have approved of my standing on stepladders with my big chainsaw whilst cutting the top off the poles.  All good big boys games!IMG_2509


  1. Curiously both your emperors are female.

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