Posted by: kathandroger | March 16, 2014

Disjointed Spring-and Brock is Back!

After the apparent ceaseless rains whilst we were away, we have had ceaseless sun since our return. The temperatures have reached  the low twenties, and even some of our French friends have cycled without their long leggings. Normally, we find, the French do things according to the calendar rather than the weather, and always deny that they are too hot in their winter gear! But what a strange spring. The swallows and even the redstart are not yet here, but I have been eating our first asparagus, the fruit trees in the orchard are in full blossom, and the lanes are showing cowslips, pulmonaria and even the wood anemones. But the frigging grass! I wasn’t sure when we got back whether to mow it or make some hay!! Luckily the mowers started OK and now all is under temporary control. Last year our neighbour farmer was whingeing about the summer being a month too late-I hope he is rejoicing that it is a month early now. Come to think of it though, farmers never say the weather is perfect for anything.

Anyway, whilst we were away, we have had a visitor to the orchard. I had left a back gate open, and an animal track had appeared. More investigation showed some footprints in the mud and willful destruction of my tidy pile of stones at the foot of the hazel tree. He had also managed to climb the wall at the end of the track, as evidenced by his scratch marks and the cement he had dragged down. But I am glad that the badger is back. We had a sett in our little wood when we first arrived, but it was soon deserted. Now, it appears to be reinhabited, and although I shall stop brock coming through the orchard (perhaps he was after all the worms that the moles have found so interesting-as shown the orchard is full of them!), but hope he stays around.IMG_2492IMG_2488IMG_2490

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