Posted by: kathandroger | March 10, 2014

sunshine and new chicks

We were a bit concerned that coming back to the cold and wet would be a bit traumatic after the fabulous weather down under. Well we needn’t have worried – we haven’t seen a cloud since last Tuesday and with the temperature in the low 20s the shorts and tee shirts have quickly emerged from the ironing pile! It’s definitely not normal though – there are records being broken all over the country – and already there are an alarming number of flies and other insects buzzing around. Could be a funny old year in the garden  unless there is a last minute cold snap to come. Amazing to think that this time last year it was freezing and a lot of the country had snow. Definitely some strange things going on with the weather!

The fab weather has enabled us to crack straight on with all the gardening and outdoor jobs we need to do before our first guests arrive next month. All the grass (long) has been mown, flower beds weeded, seeds (toms, courgette, squash, cucumber, chillis and various flowers and herbs) planted. Roger’s been getting on with the petanque pitch in the games area…

IMG_2495 (2)






..which will soon be supplemented by a table football table when we eventually assemble it. Note the chickens doing their bit…

Speaking of chickens, with the tragic loss of our cock, Jonathan, we thought we would supplement our dwindling flock. Luckily the chicken seller was at Descartes market on Sunday (it always amuses me that there is a seller of live chickens in between 2 stalls selling rotisserie chickens!), so we splashed out 8 Euros for a couple of new girls, Snowy and Patch…

IMG_2498 (2)






They’re a bit smaller than we would have liked, but hey-ho, they’ll grow! They spent all day in the coop today, probably scared of the big hairy dog’s head that kept appearing at the door every time they looked outside! Fingers cross they survive the night with the 3 big girls probably not too happy at having intruders in their space…

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