Posted by: kathandroger | March 3, 2014

Back to reality

After a month of amazing scenery, great weather and lots of fun we’ve made it back to wet and windy France. Perhaps we’ll have to make it 2 months next year!

We’ve come back to 6 inch high grass, blossom on the almond and apricot trees…and 2 new lambs! Here are Sybil and Manuel…









Born about 10 days ago they are both strong and feeding well..









Meanwhile, cousin Basile is now 2 months old and a fine strapping young ram..









Not such good news on the chickens, however. We had a message during our holiday with the bad news that our handsome young cock, Jonathan, had died suddenly. Speculation in the village is that he suffered a heart attack. Anyway, it isn’t too much of a disaster as Gilles, who was looking after him, kindly plucked him and put him in the freezer for us…








…so it is coq au vin for us at the weekend!


  1. Nice to hear about your lambs…
    but shame about the cockerel!
    Although you seem to be going to give him a good send off…

    And you seem to have bought some reasonable weather back with you if you look at Meteo60 this morning…
    zero millipedes of rain for the next eight days…
    huzzah!! huzzah!! huzzah!!

  2. Amazing news for the neighbourhood 🙂

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