Posted by: kathandroger | February 19, 2014

Lakes and Mountains

We’ve made it down south and we are so pleased we did. Here is Wanaka where we are spending our second night after a fantastic day mountain biking…















Tomorrow are going walking in the mountains, before heading up towards Mount Cook. Talking of walking, we did a fab walk on Monday at Okarito. We were walking along the beach and all of a sudden were aware of something moving…it was a big seal. A few hundred yards on and there was another, but this time he just stared at us…we were the ones who took the detour around the rock. Typical…forgot the camera!

The journey south was stunning…















Here are the Fox Glacier and Pancake rocks, just 2 of the highlights

The only problem is that time is passing too quickly…we’d better just get on and enjoy the last few days!



  1. Stop with the blogging…
    enjoy the time and fill us all in when you get back….

  2. My parents met in Wanaka.

  3. What a beautiful place to meet!

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