Posted by: kathandroger | February 16, 2014

Marlborough wines

First of all…to our dilemma. Thanks for your comments and having also talked to several Kiwis we’ve decided to head south and ‘do the sights’! We’ve managed to get a couple of hours of driving in the bag this afternoon, so I’m confident we’ll make it and still have time to play!

As we were so close to the Marlborough wine area we thought it would be rude not to do a bit of tasting. We found some appropriate bikes to hire…







….and off we set…








Our first stop was a vineyard called Forrest. What a gem. Owned by a neurophysiologist who experiments with his wines, they had a huge range of whites and reds. In particular the Sauvignon Blancs and Pinot Noirs were superb, but also the Riesling was very drinkable. I have to say that compared to wine tasting in France it was more welcoming, more informative and generally more fun! After a selection of Champagnes and 7 beers from a micro-brewery our paniers were full so we deemed it time to depart!

Here are a few wise words we noticed along our way…












  1. What was more informative about it? I’m interested because in my experience French winemakers can talk for France about wine and winemaking and delight in any opportunity to do so. I’ve also never felt unwelcome on a winery visit in France.

    • I should have specified that we were just ‘cellar door’ tasting, not meeting the vigneron. I think the biggest difference was that rather than focusing uniquely on the wines of the vineyard we talked more broadly about comparisons with french and other new world wines. We were there nearly an hour and as we were on bikes were clearly not going to buy much! Agree that french are welcoming too, but this was a different level…

  2. belles photos! profitez de vos vacances ici il ne fait pas très beau.

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