Posted by: kathandroger | February 14, 2014

More hot water and bubbling mud!

After hot water on the beach we headed south to Rotorua , the home of strange geological features such as geysers and ponds full of bubbling mud. It’s quite strange driving around as by the side of the road you will suddenly come across plumes of steam emanating from the ground. The are literally hundreds of thermal springs dotted around the place. The other point of note is the smell! We were warned, and actually it wasn’t as bad as expected, but nonetheless there is a constant faint smell of rotten eggs…















This is the Te Puia geyser, together with a pool of bubbling mud, of which there are many. It really is a quite spectacular site. The only slight problem for us was that they were inside a Maori tourist site, which meant lots of people and guided tours…not really our thing!

In the evening, though, we hit upon a real gem…the Rotorua Blue Baths was staging a cabaret night. Absolutely fantastic! The quality of singing and acting was as good as anything I’ve seen in a long time.  And to round off a great trip to this interesting little town we had a couple hours of cracking mountain biking ….we only had time for 7 or 8 of the 74 tracks!

Yesterday evening and this morning was spent in Napier, the art deco capital of the world (as it calls itself!). It was destroyed by an earthquake in 1932 and completely rebuilt in art deco style. It has been beautifully preserved and it quite a little gem of a town.

So, our brief North Island adventure is drawing to a close. We’ve now arrived at Wellington and are booked on the Interisland ferry first thing tomorrow.  Everyone tells us the south is much nicer than the north…can’t wait!







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