Posted by: kathandroger | February 11, 2014

Hot water and Cathedral Bay


We arrived in Auckland yesterday afternoon and having collected our campervan, headed off south east on our kiwi adventure. First stop today was the Coromandel peninsula, a much more mountainous stretch of land than we’d imagined…very spectacular. We headed to hot water beach, so called because at low tide there are 2 hot water springs beneath the sand and if you dig a hole in the right place you can dig your very own hot tub! As we approached the beach we suddenly saw a teaming mass of humanity…

Equipped with spades, people were digging frantically all over the central area of the beach and then sitting in the lovely warm water filling their holes. You had to be a bit careful, though as some of the water was piping hot and could easily burn your feet! In other areas there were abandoned failed holes full of cold water which must have just missed the springs.  We managed to find some french and wormed our way into their hole which was pleasantly warm. Merci!

This afternoon we headed up the coast a few kilometers for a kayak trip to the beautiful Cathedral Cove. We had been told that the North Island was nice, but the South was the spectacular one…well I can’t wait to see the south because the North has amazed us already with its scenery.














Our guide, Garth, did a fine job of keeping us all afloat, informing us of the local geography…and making a mean cappucino on Cathedral Cove beach…








All in all a fine action packed first day!


  1. Looks way fun!

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