Posted by: kathandroger | February 9, 2014

It has been a fabulous weekend weather-wise; blue skies and high 20s…cold and wet Europe seems a long way away! So what better than a day at the beach?! It can take a bit of a while getting around by car here, but hopping in the boat and whizzing around the harbour is a much more stylish way to get about. So off we set this morning in Bill’s boat, headed for Balmoral beach.








With an 8, 6 and 2 year old in tow there wasn’t a moment’s rest…rock-pooling, fishing, paddling, flying around the harbour on a giant inflatable…








…life is tough! I also managed to keep up my kilometre a day swim routine. Today was obviously a sea swim, but over the past few days we’ve managed 3 different pools. Facilities here are in a different league!

Sydney is such a multicultural city – you can get virtually any type of food you like. Yesterday was the local celebration of the Chinese New Year in a suburb called Chatswood, nicknamed Chatswoo due to its high concentration of Chinese.










After lots of speeches the dragon appeared to perform a very impressive dance and proceeded to dance in and out of all the shops, restaurants and bars to the rhythm of drums. And every type of food you can imagine was on offer.

So, a fine weekend was had by all in Sydney…tomorrow we’re off to Auckland for a new adventure!



  1. As I said before…
    beware of lost Hobbits!!

    Susan did a nice post, yesterday, on the sea-washed swim pools of Sidknee… with their octopussies and Carpet Sharks…
    sounds a bit risky!!

  2. …….only slightly jealous………

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