Posted by: kathandroger | February 7, 2014

Early morning fishing

When we were preparing for our trip Roger was unusually keen to buy a new (large) suitcase. Now usually he doesn’t take much, so  makes do with a sports bag. A couple of weeks ago I realised what was behind the purchase when he produced his telescopic fishing rod…exactly the right size to fit in his case! The ol’ fella does get quite excited about fishing, so when a trip in Sydney harbour was proposed this morning he was like a little boy before Christmas. I had the option, but I’m not keen enough to get up at 4.30 am!

The fishing trip was carefully coordinated with the job of ferrying Tom and Anke to their meeting place for their plane trip around the harbour…

When we arrived the boys looked rather pleased with themselves…a haul of 5 fish was stashed in the fish box! 3 flatheads, a flounder and a Bonito, so we were informed!

Having delivered Tom and Anke to their departure point, we had a little scenic ride around the harbour….a beautiful morning and a stunning place. Thanks for the trip Bill!imageimage





  1. Nice one Rog,is Kath a believer now. Have a great trip.

  2. Still wondering if they had an early morning trip to the fish market….

  3. Great to see you are having a good time and better weather than us ! Love the tee shirt Roger 🙂

    • Hear it is a bit wet in Blighty…hope you are keeping warm and dry. K&R x

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