Posted by: kathandroger | January 26, 2014

Le Split …

So it’s official; after a couple of weeks of high drama, hospitalisation, rumour and presidential no comment France’s first couple have announced they are parting. Or at least one of them has! It seemed quite a strange way to announce what was surely inevitable; ‘Flamby’ (as Hollande is nicknamed, after a brand of wobbly pudding) told the world in 18 words that ‘he’ had put an end to their life together. Not the best worded statement, it would seem. Where’s Alistair Campbell when you need him? Perhaps the bespectacled one should give him a call?!

The French have remained fairly ambivalent to the whole affair, although increasingly as more details have emerged I have sensed a bit of a change and sense that Hollande has once again done himself no favours. He had gained a little in the polls; I suspect he may drop back again. And what of the ‘Premiere Girlfriend’? She’s gone off to India on an official mission, but when she returns she’ll not be going back to the Elysee and will lose her office, staff and all that went with it. And she won’t be going to the US in February to have dinner with the Obama’s – Flamby will be doing that on his own…

The only winner in all of this appears to be the manufacturer of the moped helmet that the President has been caught wearing in ‘those’ pictures of him scooting through the streets of Paris to his lover’s flat. Apparently sales have soared – especially of the limited edition model, named ‘Le President’!


  1. Better to split than carry on with a sham.
    I wonder if the “other woman” will become official now.

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