Posted by: kathandroger | January 20, 2014

Deliberations of Dennis.

He is a very thoughtful and intelligent animal. Oft times when I have come into the house to relieve myself, the cat has followed and watched me with interest. The same thing happened yesterday, but after I had finished I was astonished to see Dennis perched on the edge of the loo and peeing  into the same receptacle himself! Even worse was that his stream was much stronger and longer than mine! He looked up at me afterwards as if to say “that’s how a young fit male does his business”. I do remember the days, now long gone.

Checking on our Bible-or YouTube as it is now known, there are several examples of cats using the loo, but none checking the quality of the effluent as efficiently as Dennis!IMG_2453


  1. Roger, that is superb….
    I wish I could train ours to do that…
    it wouldn’t half save on the cat litter!!

    On other matters, entirely, have you come across a “grellinette” yet?
    It is a form of Broadfork.
    Susan of D.o.t.Claise bought one last year and I tried it out then…
    whilst stiffening up the handles on hers…
    they hadn’t been fixed in correctly…

    But, I decided then that it was a tool that “worked”…
    and no backstrain either!!
    We bought one and it only took me two hours to completely break up the soil on one of our 3m by 14m beds…
    with a fork I would have given up after five hours…
    with about a quarter to one third dug…
    and tremendous backstrain.

    Instead, I have been doing knee bends!! Vunderbar!!

    • Thanks for a great idea! I have just watched a couple of videos of the grellinette in use-one of them by a lady who looked very like Susan! Reckon I may get the welder out and make my own-I do tend just to loosen the soil with a fork in autumn and then rotavate with my Betsy before planting. Cheers Tim.

      • If you want to drop over to see the construction of ours…
        you are most welcome.
        It is different to the ones in Bricomarché…
        and seems somewhat more stoutly built, too!
        At least the handles are the same size.

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