Posted by: kathandroger | December 13, 2013

Perfect winter days

OK, it isn’t officially winter yet, but it is December, quand meme. And for the past couple of weeks we’ve had the most beautiful winter weather – cold and crisp in the mornings and sunny and warm (in the sun) in the afternoons.











It has meant we’ve been able to get on with our end of season gardening jobs – leaf raking and digging out the compost heap.  I usually get quite a bit of help with the leaves, particularly from the ‘girls’ (and Jonathan) who take great pleasure in rummaging around in the neat piles I have created around the garden. Here is Betty contemplating which pile to destroy next…










And when I’m raking around the walnut trees, Boudie suddenly makes an appearance. She adores walnuts and is very adept at cracking them and eating the nut. Her levels of good cholesterol must be through the roof!








As well as enjoying the winter sun we have been doing some socialising this week – at the Touraine Bloggers Christmas Lunch! A fine time was had by all! Take a look at Susan and Simon’s account in their blog…

Finally…some good news. For anyone who has read about our endeavours to find homes for the dogs over the road you will know that Axelle, the Alsatian found new owners about a month back and the Aldo was in temporary accommodation. Well, I had a call this week to say that Aldo too has now moved in with a new family. A happy ending all round!



  1. That is one happy dog! and good news about Axel too.

    I was really pleased you came on Wednesday. It was very nice to get to know you a bit.

  2. That’s a lovely picture of Boudie!!

    And so glad that both dogs have found homes…

    And the chooks are helping…
    they are re-arranging the piles into the correct order!???

  3. 0-1, things are getting just a touch serious xxxx

    • Hmmm, yes. It is going to be a long winter at the Riverside…. Xx

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