Posted by: kathandroger | December 9, 2013

Murder on the compost heap.

What  a lovely morning! Hard frost last night but brilliant sun this morning. Kath and I put on our winter woollies and ventured into the potager to retrieve some veg for one of her superb soups. I was planning to dig out our compost heap and put it onto the frozen ground for next spring, but was surprised to find two dead grass snakes on top of the heap. They are close together, and both have head and tail bitten off. Who is the culprit? The heap is over a year old now, but perhaps it still has some warmth in it and the snakes were there for the heating. We don’t see any rats now, and there are no burrows, so I reckon it must have been Dennis. He certainly is a good hunter and usually eats all he catches, but I guess snake meat is not to his liking. Poor little things, I love seeing them laying out in the sunshine in summer, but there will be two less next year!IMG_2419


  1. I’d vote for Dennis as the culprit too. I’m guessing they were in there hibernating. They love compost heaps.

  2. Hello to you both,sounds to me that you have probably picked the right culprit,we used to have a cat that caught grass snakes as well,

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