Posted by: kathandroger | December 2, 2013

Workers in the bathroom and a woman in the workshop.

We are renovating our en-suite bathroom. As with many of the rooms, nothing is square, there are beams all over, and the area is quite small, about 8 square metres. As usual we are doing most of the work ourselves, but have employed our usual gang of plumbers and electricians for the more difficult bits. French workers seem to have a poor reputation amongst the English, but we have exactly the opposite opinion. Apart from some strange time keeping errors, they have always been efficient and polite. We were pleased to have three plumbers at once in the little room last week, a bit crowded but it worked, and then two electricians arrived! Now the French around here are usually small, but all of these chaps were hulking great chaps, and the site of five grunting Frenchmen in 8 square metres is something we will remember for a long time-but the job was done!


Rog, can I use your workshop? A plea seldom heard, and a great deal of consideration had to be given before permission was granted. She did, apparently, beat all the boys in the woodwork exams at school, but her post school endeavors have been less than frequent. The mission was top secret, a present for someone unknown apparently, but detailed plans had been consulted, and after being taught the rudiments of some power tools, the  girl was off on her task.

Several consultations were needed, but the end result, still secret, is both efficiently created and pleasing to look at. What a clever worker-I am going to hide the workshop key!



  1. We’ve never had any problems with French workers on the house either. In fact, the only problems we’ve had have been with one or two English workers in France (in one case we got a French guy to completely re-do the work an English guy had done, which was peeving).

  2. We have used French workers throughout…
    and will continue to do so.
    Our only problem was employing…
    because of our abscence…
    a British National…
    as the “master of…
    It certainly wasn’t “master of works”…

    And talking of works…
    is the toaster on the bench…
    in for repair..
    or snacks?

    • Tim, the toaster is knackered, but believe it or not parts of it will be used for making a dragonfly sculpture!!

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