Posted by: kathandroger | November 20, 2013

Windows-new and old.

We live in an old farmhouse. Lots of changes have taken place over the years, and the building is in constant need of repair. In winter there are gale force winds entering through many of our ageing, rattling, windows, and being IMG_2410delicate old fella,  when the trouble suggested new windows in the kitchen and our bedroom I was on the case at once; staying warm is one of the luxuries of retirement.

But as well as being ancient,  some of our windows, I think,  are beautiful. The glass is very old and some panes have wavy lines across them, and they are a bugger to clean. But,  paradoxically, there is no way I could replace these treasures. There is no way we could replicate the faults in a new window, and I would rather put up with the draughts!

Anyway the three new windows are now in place. Double glazed, and I had to fit artificial bars across the panes to make them match the originals. That’s another thing: why cut down light and make windows more difficult to clean just so that they look like the originals? I like to think it’s because some things in life have a history and are good to look at, and it is our duty to try and keep it that way. After all we are only temporary residents in our houses!IMG_2411


  1. Well said, Roger…
    we are on a Michelin Green Route here and Pauline and I felt that we should change the roadside aspect of the buildings as little as possible…
    our new dubble-glayzed winders match the originals, too….
    originals kept to act as “borrow lights” inside the barn.

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