Posted by: kathandroger | November 14, 2013

Still harvesting…

The impact of the  cold and wet spring we had is still very much in evidence. All our garden produce was a good month behind where it normally is (including fruit) and the poor farmers are still battling to get their crops in even though the weather is starting to go against them. We are surrounded by maize and sunflower fields here and both are usually done and dusted in September or October at the latest. And here we are in mid-November with many fields still unharvested.

I’m always fascinated by the harvest, whether it is maize, sunflowers or indeed wheat. It is so incredibly efficient! Boudie and I were out walking this morning and one of the large fields opposite was being finished off (they’ve been at it for 3 days, including working in the dark!)…







What a clever machine to devour the entire contents of 2 enormous rows and spit out a pile of neatly sorted corn…








France is easily the largest producer of maize in Europe and much of what is produced is exported to other EU countries, mainly for use in animal feed (about 70%). In fact maize is the most commonly grown crop in the world, outstripping wheat and rice.










Usually by now the fields have been prepared for next year and often even planted up with winter wheat or rape, so I suppose there will be a knock on from the poor spring this year into next years crop. It can be very tricky being a farmer!

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