Posted by: kathandroger | November 14, 2013

Aldo and Axelle – happy ending!

Back in September I wrote about the plight of our deceased neighbour’s dogs, Aldo and Axelle:

In the five months that we’ve been feeding them we’ve become quite attached to them and were becoming increasingly worried that there would perhaps be no alternative but to put them down. I had contacted an association who specialises in finding new homes for dogs in their situation, so we both had our fingers crossed…and then today a couple came to have a look at Axelle and fell in love with her. It clearly would have been cruel to leave Aldo all on his own, so both have now gone off to the vets for the necessary check up and jabs and Aldo is going to be staying at the association until he finds a new home too. Axelle bonded immediately with her new owners and jumped straight into the back of their van!









We took both of them out for a little walk – probably the first time in their lives, and the first time on leads…








…Axelle far right; Aldo far left. OK, they are not quite walking to heel, but then I’m not sure I would if I’d never been out of my little pen!

So a happy ending for our canine friends. And a big thanks to ORFEE, the association dedicated to re-homing abandoned dogs and all the volunteers who work for them!


  1. That is brilliant ,I am so pleased ,well done .x

    • Thanks…we’re really chuffed too. Apparently Aldo is turning into a lovely gentle dog…now house trained, walking to heel, good with chickens, other dogs and children. Who’d have thought it!

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