Posted by: kathandroger | November 11, 2013

Little and Large.

The night was dark and drizzly. A light mist hung over our valley and it was time to venture out to the bright lights of Descartes. All alone, I gently steered the new car through the puddles and bumps of our little hamlet. Suddenly, on the edge of the village a dark shape appeared, spotlighted in the revealing shaft of powerful headlights. Rooting casually in a row of bushes only a few metres in front of the car was the largest wild boar I have seen. Oblivious to this interruption, he casually looked over his shoulder, continued his business for a few seconds and then casually loped across my path with an air of disdain, seemingly slightly disturbed that his activity should be so rudely interrupted. The evidence of his masculinity was carried behind him like a pair of our best crown prince squashes, and the memory of them disappearing into the hedgerow will remain with me as a tribute to the potency of these testosterone factories. Unusually, he seemed to be alone, but then so was I, and we chaps do sometimes enjoy our solitude.

The next morning I stayed late in bed. The trouble and strife had gone away for the weekend, so I had that wonderful feeling of being able to do exactly what I wanted to. Gently pondering my next move, and outlined by the white curtains over the window, a large spider descended rapidly down his minute thread. Seemingly in two minds, he then stopped, paused, and made his way up again with a grace and speed that filled me with admiration. A living yo-yo in a minute world of tiny delicate pathways.

Little and Large, isn’t nature wonderful?


  1. Are you sure your Crown Princes were that large?

  2. You really don’t want to run into him again – especially in a new car!

  3. We recently saw one legging it across a huge field, away from a wood with two men with guns standing at the edge and we almost felt like cheering. I had no idea they could move so fast.

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