Posted by: kathandroger | November 7, 2013

Autumn orchard…

The autumn continues to be incredibly mild. Last night records were broken all over the country. Apparently in Bordeaux the temperature didn’t drop below 17 degrees at any point during the day or night! Here we plummeted to 15! So it is still a pleasure to work outside, as we did today, pruning the stone fruit trees and cutting the grass. We have 6 cherry trees, but 3 are too big to prune, as well as 2 apricots and 2 peaches. There are a few plum trees too, but most are too tall and lanky to bother with and all the plums fall nicely to the ground for collection. So we (the royal we) reassembled the scaffold tower and wheeled it down the garden…









Now that scaffold tower has been one of the best investments we ever made! It was invaluable for the gite work and makes tree pruning significantly safer than climbing up the tree to do it!

We were ably assisted in our work by some of the members of our menagerie…









Boudie just likes to be with us while we work to give moral support, although in this case she had strategically positioned herself next to the grapevine which still has a few (very sweet) grapes…or did until this morning anyway! Didn’t think dogs were supposed to like grapes!

And the ‘girls’ came and did a bit of leaf moving around just in case we’d unearthed anything juicy and wriggling…









The two on the left are Beryl (the brown one) and Joan (the white and brown one), our chicks born at the beginning of August. Luckily for them they turned out to be girls….

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