Posted by: kathandroger | November 3, 2013

Goat tragedy

Like our other animals (dog, cat, chickens) our sheep and goats are very greedy. So when we go into the field with a bag of bread and call them it is a bit like the charge of the light brigade. So I was surprised this afternoon that only the 4 sheep and Moins Dix, our Billy, came hurtling down the hill. Sometimes Tittie has little trips out into the next door field, although rarely alone, so with some concern I headed up the hill. Sunday is hunting day around here and my first thought was that she’d been in the field and a hunter had mistaken her for a small deer. Moins Dix accompanied me, giving off little bleats as he went. This is not good I thought. I did the circuit of the wood, but no Tittie. I called Roger and we headed out in the opposite direction. This time I spotted a shape by a tree. It was The Titts, with her leg trapped in the tree and I’m sad to report, dead. She’d obviously been trying to reach some high up leaves, slipped and trapped her leg. Poor little Moins Dix was standing nearby like a little lost soul.

IMG_2046 She was a retired milking goat who came to us with a bad case of mastitis. She was also incredibly timid and hid for the first week. But she’d become very friendly over time and a good companion for Moins Dix. We are kicking ourselves for not being more attentive; if we’d got there earlier would we have been able to prevent the tragedy? I suspect the poor thing suffered too. Not easy, this animal husbandry!

RIP Tittie – we’ll miss you.


  1. We are so sorry to hear about poor Tittie. Looking after animals is not easy. Poor Moins Dix. Xx

  2. Poor thing.

  3. Sooooo sorry to hear your sad news tragic

  4. Unfortunately goats, even more than most animals, will do what they do and although it is very sad you needn’t reproach yourselves, PnJ

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