Posted by: kathandroger | October 31, 2013

Autumn garden

For the last day of October it has been a glorious day today; a bit chilly this morning, but blues skies and sunshine…the perfect day for a spot of gardening! It always seems a bit sad at this time of year, pulling out rather than planting up. However, there are still a few things looking good in the garden – carrots, beetroot, parsnips, leeks and yet more squash! We did do a spot of planting too – the broad beans – and the garlic patch is ready to go once we’ve acquired something to plant from the market on Sunday. Roger did a lot of digging…here he is taking a welcome break with Dennis (not sure how helpful Dennis actually was in the garden!). Note the size of the compost heap on the left…









The produce does have a distinctly autumnal colouring at this time of year. Our fruit is still going strong…apples, figs and grapes…








Not everything has died down yet though. We have a little rose hedge out of the back of Le Potager gite which has been in flower since June…it is still going strong!












  1. I so agree about it being sort of sad pulling out…thank goodness for cole crops still producing:-) I enjoy your winter squash the vine borer this year took out all my winter squash , so next year solid vine squash for me! I sure do miss fall squash this year:-)

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