Posted by: kathandroger | October 26, 2013

Roger’s peanuts!

This year we’ve been experimenting with peanuts. We kept a few from the peanuts we bought at Christmas and come the spring planted them. The upshot was one peanut plant…

Roger has lovingly tended it throughout the summer and this week the big day arrived…the peanut harvest…











Now peanuts are strange things. They flower, then the flowers shoot out stalks down into the ground and the peanuts from on the end of these stalks. And yes, that is the extent of our harvest for this year. Well, I suppose Jimmy Carter must have started somewhere?!

Thursday marked the end of an era chez nous. We bought a Renault Kangoo when we arrived here and she has been a loyal and reliable member of the family for the past four and a half years. She saw us through our gite work and Boudie loved her. But on Thursday we sold her and replaced her a fancy-dan Skoda. Here’s wishing her a ‘bonne continuation’ wherever she ends up!



  1. The Kangoo/Berlingo/Partner design is a good compromise ‘twix van and car!!
    Why no pic of the Skoda…?

    Love the peanuts…
    well done Roger “JC”…
    next year the crop should be bigger…
    there are fifteen, very fresh seeds to grow on…
    in a few years, you’ll be able to buy a Lagonda!!

    • The Skoda needs to ‘win our hearts’ before it can have its photo taken!

  2. The question is, will they be eaten or used for propagation………

    • Given the number of walnuts and hazelnuts this year we can probably afford to keep them!!

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