Posted by: kathandroger | October 23, 2013

The Egg.

IMG_2375There are lots of mysteries in life. Why is an egg that shape? The main reason is so that they can fit into egg boxes in Sainsbury’s, but it also means that they are strong in all areas, can be laid by the chicken, and do not roll out of the nest like a ball would. Oh, and also they fit snugly together in the nest so that they all stay warm together. Right, lesson over.

Our chickens stopped laying recently, one because she was looking after her chicks and the other because she was molting. And what an ugly thing she was, a bit like a small vulture with no knickers on! Anyway, after a few days the first egg appeared in the hen house. Delighted, I showed Kath and put it in the box awaiting the next instalment. It didn’t arrive for several days, but the second was more like our usual eggs, nice and smooth, whereas the first was a bit velvety and heavier-probably Betty (the chicken’s name) getting the knack again I thought. After a week we had enough for a celebratory omelette. Being a bit wary of the first egg I left it to last before adding it to the mix. Bugger, this shell is thick, better bash a bit harder. No luck…………… Pennies sometimes take a long time to drop, and some joker had put a rubber egg in our house!!! Even Boudie, who loves eggs, was a bit put out when I dropped it on the floor and she tried to eat it -after it had stopped bouncing! Well and truly had were we.

But good jokes are worth repeating, and a few days ago some friends asked us over for a feast of local champignons, nuts and omelette! The ladies were on omlette duty, and I duly brought half a dozen eggs-actually five good ones and the bouncer. Having told my French male chums what was afoot, we all watched the girls breaking eggs into a big pan. Disaster, they had enough without my contribution, and the surplus were put into the fridge. Hang on I said, you haven’t tried our special British eggs yet, they are much stronger than the French ones and I bet I  can even drop one on the floor without it breaking. General incredulity gave way to mirth after the bouncer finally stopped traversing the kitchen!

As you can see, it was a good copy, and I reckon I know the culprits!IMG_2374

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