Posted by: kathandroger | October 21, 2013

English lesson ‘Roger-style’

A few days ago a friend e-mailed to ask if we could have her 12-year-old niece for a day to practice her English. I was busy, but Roger willingly volunteered. Let’s hope she likes workshops and wood I thought…

Anyway, aunt and niece duly arrived at the allotted time this morning. I instantly realised that a pair of light plimsolls were unlikely to suffice for a day with Roger, even if it was an ‘English lesson’. Luckily 12 year olds have big feet these days so she was able to borrow a pair of my wellies. As soon as she was equipped, they were off into the field to feed the sheep and goats, then the neighbour’s dogs before hitching up the trailer and heading off to another friend’s house to pick up some hay…20 bales of the stuff! I’m not sure when she set off this morning she would have anticipated hauling hay into a hay loft…













Then, just time for a spot of chestnut collecting before lunch…followed by more hay bales, walnut picking, dog walking….Reckon she’ll sleep well tonight! As for the english? Well if she ever finds herself in a hay loft in England, or collecting nuts, or feeding goats, then I reckon she’ll be able to get by pretty well!

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