Posted by: kathandroger | October 13, 2013

Smells like autumn!

This week the seasons have most definitely changed. Up until Monday or Tuesday we were still clinging on to the last remnants of summer, but a 10 degree drop in temperature put an end to all that! All that comes with Autumn is also in full evidence. The leaves are just starting to turn; we have a beautifully red Virginia Creeper decorating the outside of our house; the apple harvest is abundant to say the least; today we were out in the nearby Foret de la Guerche, which was full (as full as the forest ever gets!) of mushroom hunters scuttling around with their baskets. Given the change in the weather we thought it was time to harvest our squash – 3 varieties this year – butternut, potimarron (the orange ones, my favourite) and Crown Prince (the green one that we are trying for the first time)…










Although we’ve been eating them for a little while already, squash for me are the taste of Autumn. I made a butternut squash pizza with sage pesto the other day – quite delicious!

Anyway, enough of this autumn talk…we’re off to the Camargue tomorrow morning. The forecast says 22 degrees and sunny…summer’s not over yet!!


  1. Nice to see the Crown Princes looking good. Excellent choice of varieties of squash (same as us!) Pauline

  2. When you’ve finished chasing the sun…
    try chunks of Crown Prince, a floury type of spud, carrots, onions and garlic all drizzled with olive oil or slathered with goose fat and roasted in the oven… wonderful on a cold day.
    Wonderful cold on a hot day… drizzle the cold oily veg with some balsamic vinaigre.
    Tip, pre cook the spuds and carrots for a better balance.

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