Posted by: kathandroger | October 11, 2013

Angels trumpets and the unwelcome guest.

This has been a strange year in the garden, Everything has been about a month behind last year, and after all the guests have gone the flowers are in full show!

The Brugmansia given to us last year initially appeared dead, but eventually showed some tiny buds in very late spring. Now that the temperatures are falling and there is only Kath and me to  appreciate it, the display and the scent are magnificent.

Lunching alone outside a few days ago, I had just finished eating when a visitor arrived on my empty plate. Knowing how temporary these visits usually are I started chatting to her and told her what a lovely looking specimen  she was. Responding to my flattery she began her little weaving dance and agreed to stay  until I had gone inside to fetch the camera.



  1. Roger he’s not a he… he’s a her!!
    That is obviously why (s)he succumbed to your charm.
    Looks like she’s about ready to lay too….
    the ultimate in foam bedding!!

    • Thanks Tim, thorax segment count re-done and corrections made!

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