Posted by: kathandroger | October 8, 2013

Curse of the Khasi.

I’m not a craftsman. In fact Roger the Bodger is probably apt. But I can usually get a job done in the end, with varying amounts of sweating and cussing. One particular problem in our larger gite has been a toilet which just will not behave as normal toilets do. I am convinced there is some sort of French curse on it.

To begin with the flushing button wouldn’t work. Guests resorted to pouring water on their effluents from various handy receptacles, varying in size from tooth brush holders (liquid effluent) to waste paper bins (larger effluents!). Inevitably the call came to the local handyman to fix the thing. No problem, a bit of pulling and pushing, multiple flushes, from me and the loo, and all was fixed. I thought.

Roger, the loo won’t stop flushing, and we’ve had to turn the water off. Bugger. Temporary fix with a piece of old oak baton from the cow feeder to act as a plunger and satisfied poorly sighted guest who found the large piece of wood easier to identify than that little pressy thing. Next day off to the shop for a new mechanism. Fitting was not easy, especially sitting astride the offending article facing the water tank, and when a sudden torrent of unexpected ferocity hit me in the nether regions I was less than a happy bunny. Outside the sun was shining and the pool beckoning, but here was I, inept, uncomfortable and increasingly furious. Bloody big washer won’t fit, better tighten it up a bit more, but it looks wonky, never mind, as long as the thing flushes OK. There, job done.

Roger, that loo’s dripping. The wife this time,( all the guests had gone), and did you know that it looks a bit wonky? Yes my dearest one, I love you dearly and I’ll be there in an instant to right the poor work of last time. I nearly took a sledge hammer to it, but with overwhelming calm replaced the big rubber valve with the old one, wearing waterproof knickers this time, and after forgetting another washer and having to go back once more, there has been  no loo news for several days. But I don’t trust the curse of the khasi.IMG_2362


  1. I never knew that’s how you spell khasi !!

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