Posted by: kathandroger | September 29, 2013

Aldo and Axelle

One of the marked differences between we Brits and the French is our attitude towards dogs (in the country, at least). Whilst I walk Boudie pretty much every day come rain, hail or shine, most of the local dogs rarely venture outside their runs (except for hunting dogs on a Sunday). Ever since we moved here there have been a couple of large dogs – Aldo and Axelle – living over the road, permanently enclosed in a small run. Axelle is an alsacian and Aldo a big black guard dog called a beauceron. They are both 8, they’ve always lived together and never been out! When our neighbour died three and a half months ago we assumed someone would take them away. Seemingly the equivalent of the RSPCA aren’t interested and…there is no one else. So we’ve been their carers ever since! We were a bit wary at first, but in actual fact they are very nice dogs. But goodness only knows what would have happened to them if we hadn’t fed them!

Anyway, we decided that we’d have to find a solution, as no one else seemed too bothered. A friend gave me a number of a dog sanctuary in the Dordogne, who gave me the number of someone else, who gave me the number of someone else…..until finally I fell upon an association which finds foster homes for unwanted dogs. They’ve been to take photos and are now touting Aldo and Axelle around as urgently in need of a new home. Fingers crossed for the dogs that someone will care….


  1. Good for you…and I hope for a happy solution for the pair of them.

  2. Oh Kath ,Roger that is great news , lets hope they have a happy life with a new family .That is what they deserve .,Well done for looking after them, they are lovely dogs.keep us all informed.Brilliant .

  3. I hope they find a new home..

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