Posted by: kathandroger | September 25, 2013

Sunshine, glorious sunshine

The weather gets better every day! Glorious blue skies and high 20’s temperatures. September is often good, but this is exceptional – and had to be taken advantage of. So we got up early on Monday morning and headed off to the coast. As it turned out it was a good job we got up early as we managed to not concentrate on the auto route and missed our turn off. We were in Cognac before we managed to leave the A10 and retrace our steps north. Or maybe this was a deliberate move by my mum (who was with us) who is rather partial to a glass of cognac…or two! Anyway, we eventually managed to find our way to Ile de Re. What a fabulously beautiful place it is! After our slightly extended journey we headed straight for a coffee in one of those pretty little ports the island is full of, before visiting the most wonderful market at the village of La Flotte. The first stall we came to was…cognac and pineau!








In fact one of our (our only?) objectives of the day was to acquire some local pineau and cognac. A bit of tasting and the job was a good’un – objective met (objectives have changed a bit since my days as a management consultant!!).

So, on to lunch. We headed a few kms along the coast to the ‘capital’, St Martin. This place is just beautiful and crammed with fish restaurants…










I was in my element – a big plate of whelks, followed by a whole crab. I think the others enjoyed their lunches too, but I was too engrossed in pulling my creatures apart that I hardly noticed! Then off to the beach to walk off lunch. The only problem was that dogs were not allowed on the beach until the end of September. And it was baking, with no shade, so our little Boud wasn’t too happy. We tried to protect her from the rays, but in the end Roger decided to ignore the no dogs rule and take her for a dip to cool her down…









But Boudie is the biggest girl’s blouse of a dog you could imagine and upon the first sight of a wave she turned on her heels and pulled Roger back up the beach!

I’m not sure Boudie had a great time, but for the rest of us it was a grand day out!

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