Posted by: kathandroger | September 17, 2013

Girly bike and failed cuttings.

I came across an old wrecked lady’s bicycle in our hired barn a few weeks ago. The frame was snapped, the tyres perished, it was rusty and in gererally poor order. But females in bad order are not necessarily beyond redemption, and with evangelical enthusiasm and with the help of friend Paul’s Mig welder, she has been brought back to life. I have to admit that I have slightly fallen in love with her-the riding position is so upright and righteous, and any sort of speed is impossible. She also has a nice (re-welded) rack at the back for collecting the morning baguettes. The complete opposite to my carbon framed racer, and variety is the spice of life!


We have raised our first Angel’s Trumpet (Datura or Brugmansia) this year, and although looking very healthy, it is only just now coming into flower. I took some cutting a few weeks ago to give to the friend who donated the plant to us, as they have sadly lost all theirs in a tragic fire. Having googled the best method (how did we ever manage before google?), I was informed that they were easy, and either starting the cutting in water or in compost would be equally successful. Wrong. I know which method I will use in the future.

Our swallows have now all left the buildings. The last brood in my workshop left a few day ago, but I was puzzled by the mother sitting on the edge of the nest for a few days afterwards. On checking yesterday there were two fully formed dead chicks left behind. It was her third brood of the summer though, so didn’t she do well?



  1. Bike looks fab Rog xx

  2. Lovely looking bike… a tad heavier perhaps than the racer?
    And a great restoration job…
    looks as though it has just come from the shop…
    but not, I think, with a gel saddle!!

    The water cutting method is very good for many plants…
    but keep the soil quite wet for the first couple of weeks after potting on…
    the “water” roots will, initially, be the only source of water to the plant.
    They will soon develop proper hairy roots and grow on happily…

    And poor Mrs Swallow…
    she sounds as though she was puzzled by their not responding…

    • Just noticed that you’ve got good buds and growing tips on the other two Angelic Trumpeters…
      don’t give up on them yet…

  3. “But females in bad order are not necessarily beyond redemption” lol…History is behind this bike…what a great discovery. I bike on the Missisppi River In Iowa/illinois-USA daily and I have a hybrid bike and wonder often if another bike some days would be fun to use….so bikes for different days— not a bad idea…a bike for “collecting the morning baguettes” not a bad bike for that errand-:-)

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