Posted by: kathandroger | September 11, 2013

Dog, mog and more tomatoes…

We have posted a few times in the past about the close relationship between our dog and mog. Well here they are again, snuggling up together on the doorstep…








We are pretty certain Dennis thinks Boudie is his mum and she does take good care of him…unless there is food on offer of course!

Another favourite topic at the moment: our tomatoes! Luckily we are having a little run of visitors to help us out with them and so far they have been very polite about the quantity of tomato in their diet…stuffed toms, tom salad, ratatouille etc. I have to say, though, they are still tasting quite delicious – and not looking too bad either!










Here is yesterday’s colourful tomato salad. Mixed in with a bit of mozzarella and basil: Coeur de boeuf, Marmande, Green zebra, Black Russian and a yellow one, the name of which I have forgotten!


  1. Nice images!

  2. the tomatoes are great – whatever way they are served!!!

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