Posted by: kathandroger | September 9, 2013

Harvest time

Keeping on top of the garden produce is proving a bit of a challenge at the moment. After a bit of a lull the beans are back with a vengeance and the tomatoes are making up for lost time!


Making tomato sauce is definitely on the agenda for today!

We’ve also got a cracking crop of squash this year. There are lots of potimarron, the little orange ones – and my favourite. We’ve also got butternut and a pale green one (not sure of the name – Tim/Pauline?…it was from some of your seeds..). Looking forward to lots of soups in the winter…



Our crop isn’t quite as impressive as the selection we saw yesterday:







It was the pumpkin festival at nearby Chateau du Rivau and there were the strangest shaped things you ever did see! It is such a beautiful place that even without a festival it is a fabulous place to visit…



  1. Oh my goodness I have garden envy!!

  2. Hi guys…
    Them thar grey’uns are Crown Prince… and look to have bred true! Odd, seeing that they are an F1 cross….

    We have also experienced a good pumpkin/squash year…
    it must be the weather!!
    We’ve only got two pottimarrons…
    they are huge though… can’t think why…
    I see a couple of Hoofernliewhittingstall Pumpkin Soups coming on.

    We’ve just stripped the frazzled leaves from the squash bed….
    only to see that we have 30+ Nutterbuts…
    we store them on the stairs…
    we haven’t got that many steps!!
    We can get 24 in if we use both sides…
    and then, also unknown previously, the one Crown Prince that survived has gone ber-zerk and produced eight large fruit… normally we get three to a plant [thank the Gods that only one seed germinated!!]

    And then there’s the toms….

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