Posted by: kathandroger | September 6, 2013

Fab flowers; sad spuds..

What a cracking week it has been; 30 degrees plus for most of the week and not a cloud! Not bad for September! A change is on the way, but it couldn’t last I suppose. The downside of the heat is that we have to water all our plants…quite a time consuming job this year as we have made a real effort with pots, tubs and displays. In previous years we haven’t had time to give them the care they need and they have ended up dry and shriveled (unless guest waterers have been to visit!). The star of the flower show has undoubtedly been the dipladenia. I have fancied one for a while and treated myself for my birthday. It has been in flower constantly since the end of April…







…here it is on the left.

Not everything in the garden has done quite so well. We had good early potatoes and expected the main crop to follow suit. So we were very disappointed to find a small crop of not very large spuds…









Our french friends and often horrified when we tell them we are planning to plant our spuds – invariably the moon is in the wrong phase. Maybe there is something in it after all?

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