Posted by: kathandroger | August 30, 2013

Swallows and goat houses

It hardly seems any time since we were getting excited about the arrival of the first swallows – the first indication of summer being on the way. And all of a sudden, there they all are, lining up on the telephone wires ready to make their way back to sunnier winter climes. We seem to have had more than ever this year and despite Dennis bothering them, they have successfully raised two lots of chicks in many nests around the outbuildings of La Belardiere. Here is one of the nests, in Roger’s workshop…









They are clearly very wary of Dennis and dive-bomb him whenever they see him. He doesn’t seem too concerned!

The summer had really raced by. Our gites have been busy all season and I think that makes the time go by even faster. It’s been a fantastic summer weather-wise (after a slow start) and I’m not really ready for it to end yet…here’s hoping for an Indian summer!

The ol’ fella has been making preparations for the winter too. He’s been constructing with bits of old shutters and pallets…








The goat and sheep complex has been extended to include a giant luxury hay-feeder. It is always a bit of a pain to have to climb up into the hay loft and traipse up the field in the middle of winter, so he has built a store for a hay bale which doubles up as a feeder. He’s clever like that, the ol’ fella!!


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