Posted by: kathandroger | August 18, 2013

food glorious food!

Our garden is starting to really produce the goods. We’ve had loads of beans, courgettes, spinach, chard, carrots and beetroot for a little while; now the tomatoes have finally begun to ripen. Due to the poor weather in spring they are a good month behind normal, but what they lack in precocity they are going to make up in volume; we are going to have kilos and kilos of the things. Time to get the ratatouille pot boiling! Here is a little collection I picked this evening ready for the chop…









I’m already looking forward to the cold day in January when we tuck into a warming portion of ‘rats’ from the freezer and remember the tastes of summer!

The onion harvest is now complete too and we have several strings which should see us through til next spring. Here’s the ol’ fella in action (note the glass of rose in hand!).









Actually it has been a bit of a foodie week. Last weekend we were in Luxembourg for a friend’s birthday and spent most of the weekend in cafes or restaurants. Then on Thursday, another couple of friends’ birthdays, this time by the Vendee coast. It is a bit of a tradition that they buy fruits de mer for everyone, which suits me down to the ground as that is my absolute favourite…

photo (1)










Crabs, langoustines, prawns, shrimps, whelks, oysters… a real feast – and great company too. I fine couple of days away!


  1. it really is the Good Life xx

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