Posted by: kathandroger | August 14, 2013

Chicks and onions…

She did it! After 3 failed attempts last year, the Smoker has hatched some chicks. There were 3, but we found one dead this morning. Born 2 days ago, they have made their first sortie into the wild this afternoon…










So far she is being a very good mum, especially as Boudie has become a bit obsessed by the chicken house  in the past couple of days. Here she is not really sure what to make of the little yellow balls of fluff on legs…













Actually, I’m not too worried about Boudie – I think Smokey would see her off; Dennis on the other hand….

On another matter, there were some comments after the previous blog wondering about Roger’s onions, so to speak. Well here they are…









I reckon this is our best crop of onions since we’ve been here. 2013 is certainly turning out to be a good year for the garden!


  1. Bravo all round I think xx

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