Posted by: kathandroger | August 8, 2013

New project

The ‘ol fella likes a project. Keeps him off the streets. As mentioned in a previous post, our neighbour, Francis, has recently passed away. Francis was a former mechanic, but what is more, a collector of all sorts of things – in particular cars and motorbikes that have seen better days. The other day our friend Paul came round and the two of them disappeared off for a while. On their return they were talking excitedly about mobylettes (which I am told is not the same thing as a moped…I’ll be blowed if I can tell the difference…). Something was clearly afoot. Anyway, some financial transaction has taken place with Dany over the road and today Paul and Roger emerged as pleased as punch with their restoration projects. Here’s the ‘ol fella…












I can see him now, pootling around the countryside in his beret and striped jumper!


  1. …and don’t forget thew onions xx

  2. oh that’s just such a cliche….!

    • But… have you grown enough onions?

  3. Well said ‘drofmit4108 ‘ !

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