Posted by: kathandroger | August 5, 2013

A waiting game…

Last year our grey chicken, Smokey, went broody 3 times. We got her some fertile eggs (we don’t have a cockerel) from some friends and she seemed to do a good job of sitting. But each time, when the 21 days were up, there was no patter of tiny claws and eventually she gave up and left her eggs. We assumed it was the eggs that were at fault, not our Smokers, so this time we have gone to another friend in the hope that we’ll have more luck.










Here she is, firmly ensconced in the corner of the chicken house. The due date is a week today…not much more we can do but wait!



  1. lets hope she does it this time ,after sitting in her bed on the hottest day she deserves a result. Poor smokey xx

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