Posted by: kathandroger | August 2, 2013

Too much fruit!

Last year our fruit trees were virtually bare, thanks to a late frost; this year they are so laden with fruit that the boughs are breaking! A couple of small plum branches have already succumbed to the weight…










But the biggest problems is that about a third of one of our apple trees has flopped to the ground. Luckily we have some strapping chaps staying at the moment who were able to help Roger put in supports in the hope that the branches will survive long enough to see the apples ripen…










Dennis, as always, wasn’t much of a help (that is Dennis the cat, as actually we have Dennis with us this week, after whom the feline horror was named – he’s the one on the right in the picture). As the chaps were holding the branches up and so couldn’t move their hands, Den thought it quite a hoot to run along the branches playing with (aka scratching) their fingers….










…’orrible little cat!

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