Posted by: kathandroger | July 30, 2013

Roger’s peanut

We were doing a spot of gardening yesterday afternoon when the heavens opened. We were both heading towards the greenhouse for shelter, when Roger offered to show me his peanut… Well it was raining pretty hard, so it seemed an offer I couldn’t refuse. And here it is, his pride and joy…













He’d saved a few peanuts from a bag I had at Christmas and planted them, not really sure what to expect. For weeks nothing happened, then one very exciting day in March a little green shoot showed its head. Sadly it was the only one, so we might not be self-sufficient in peanuts this year…but perhaps one day we’ll be the Jimmy Carters of the Loire Valley. Just in case you are wondering, the peanuts grow in the ground under the plant. Wonder how you can tell they are ready?


  1. The flowers, when fertilized, curve down and bury themselves…
    it is a wonderful plant for kids to learn about flowers and seeds from!!
    Keep in a greenhouse [remember where Jimmy Carter was from] and they should be ready to dig up in October / November!!

    Then you will have to get yourselves a caramel coating machine…

  2. I spluttered biscuit crumbs at the screen when I read “Roger offered to show me his peanut” !!

    • Hope the crumbs didn’t get stuck in between the keys…sorry!

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