Posted by: kathandroger | July 25, 2013

Dennis the Menace

Never was an animal more appropriately named than our cat, Dennis. Ever since we’ve had him (just over a year now) he’s been trouble. When he wants to be, he can be quite charming…here he is having a little siesta with Roger…










…but at other times he’s a terror. Last Friday Roger went for a walk with Boudie and some friends and their dogs. Dennis tagged along as sometimes he does, but after a while he was becoming a bit of a nuisance, so Roger brought him home. He didn’t want to come home. On reaching the house he went straight upstairs and poo’d right in the middle of our bed before returning downstairs! The little horror. Then today, Roger was laying a new concrete floor to the garage. He’d done about a quarter when he stopped for lunch. “Where’s Dennis gone?”, I asked, noticing that he was no longer on the sofa. “Dunno” said the ol’ fella. Half an hour later the language coming from the garage was pretty blue….








He clearly wasn’t content with walking across it – I reckon he did a little jig!

Meanwhile, Boudie remains a lovely as ever. Whilst Dennis’s mission in life is to pee us off, Boudie seeks to be loved. How could we not love her looking beautiful in her new pink diamante collar…










Nonetheless, despite their differing characters they are (generally) best of friends…


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