Posted by: kathandroger | July 20, 2013

Farewell Wendy

She’s been with us since we arrived in France. She was surplus to requirements at a friend’s house, so we took her under our wing, so to speak. Wendy’s been a fabulous chicken. She’s laid like a good’un, she has always been willing to help in the garden and she was a real chatterbox. Wendy was my favourite. Today she passed away peacefully in her sleep.


















RIP Wendy.


  1. Snap. Take a look at my “Brownie” – same breed, and the friendliest chicken I’ve ever had. It’s an egg a day regular as clockwork!

    • Yep -Brownie looks just like our Wend. we have a Light Sussex too, called Bob as well as a ‘cendre’, called Smokey who is currently broody…hoping for chicks too!

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