Posted by: kathandroger | July 12, 2013

Progress in the Potager

It was definitely a very slow start to the gardening year due to the inclement weather, but things are now certainly off and running. As previously reported, the garlic and broad beans have been harvested. The peas have just finished (the best crop we’ve ever had by far!), the roots bed is flourishing, the courgettes are just starting to produce, many bags of spinach and chard were frozen yesterday and the squash are finally getting going…










Even the tomatoes are starting to grow into their substantial supports!










I would say, however, that the runner beans are thus far the prettiest of our produce…










Let’s hope the beans taste as good as the flowers look!


  1. The runners look like Painted Lady…
    if they are, you will enjoy them!
    We now grow Moonlight in preference…
    a cross ‘twixt a Runner and a French climbing bean…
    again, excellent flavour… and no strings!!
    But the Lady is a very attractive bean….
    tho’ not productive in this valley…
    I’ll try and blag some hop waste from Brasserie de l’Aurore…
    the best thing for growing runner beans….
    and we will try again.

    And what will your second crop of peas be?
    We recommend PeeWee…
    a very short [30 to 40cms], fast growing, excellent flavoured petit pois…
    in a good season you can get three harvests from three sowings….
    and, as it is an F1 variety… they are all ready at the same time…
    pull them up, enrich the soil a bit and re-sow the same patch…
    saves moving the chicken mesh…
    water in, then sit down with the ones you pulled up….
    open a bottle, pour a glass and de-pod the stems…
    pour another glass and pod the peas… tray freeze and bag!
    Can be bagged within eight hours of pulling up if you turn up the freezer to fast before you start de-podding the stems.

  2. Astonishingly beautiful photos of your potager. congratulations. cous

  3. Thanks Cous – reckon it was all the rain we had in May and June!!

  4. What a beautiful potager… It’s my dream to creat something like this

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