Posted by: kathandroger | July 9, 2013

Locked in the lavatory!

It had been a long hard day. Kath and I were just dropping off in our large comfortable bed when a voice from the darkness below demanded our attention. “Roger, one of our girls is locked in the lavatory”! A clumsy meander to  the window revealed one of our lovely Irish guests in the courtyard below, in some distress, requesting immediate aid to return the poor lass to freedom. Now I fixed all the doors and locks myself, so I foolishly thought that a moments’ attention would put all to rights. Wrong! After donning my old ragged dressing gown over my naked body, and stumbling up the small gite stairs I was confronted by about a dozen of the visitors all shouting instructions of varying volumes and originality to the trapped young lady. But the lock really was stuck, and no amount of force was going to move it. Thinking laterally, I reckoned I could maybe do a roof rescue, clambering over the tiles in the deep darkness to rescue the distressed maiden, but on climbing the ladder watched by the bemused crowd, the paucity of my clothing became suddenly apparent, and I decided that before the rescue I had better get some trousers on. Pondering the rescue on changing, I could envisage the insurance problems in dropping a guest from the rooftops, and decided upon a more effective solution. Out came the drill, increasing sizes of holes were made in the oak door frame and eventually I managed to push the offending latch back and open the door. It only took an hour and a half! Irish joy all around, and daughter and family reunited.

Here is the offending article-the latch came away from the attaching rod and was locked in the doorframe.IMG_2262

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